Bsc Dietetics (Cum Laude)

Bsc Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Minette is passionate about finding a healthy balance between achieving your health goals while satisfying your taste buds. She lives by her nutrition motto: It must be tasty. It should be healthy.” She has a particular interest in weight loss, insulin resistance, and mental health, as well as thyroid disorders. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Stellenbosch in 2019 where she received the award for the Best Student Dietitian. She also has a background in genetics (BSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) and enjoys incorporating genetic tests into meals plans. She is a trained and accredited Optifast and DNAlysis practitioner. Minette is also the official Dietitian of a popular Weight Loss Program on VIA: Die Groot Afskud



Individual Consultations

The Nutrition House offers in person and virtual consultations. By having your individual nutrition consultation you will receive personalised medical nutritional therapy based in your medical history, biochemical parameters, stress,sleep, exercise routine, anthropometric measurements, dietary restrictions and preferences to meet YOUR health goals!

What to Expect


Fill out the contact form or send an email to admin@nutritionhouse.co.za to get started and help you make an appointment.


The Deep Dive: our first appointment is 60 minutes. It includes a nutrition & dietary assessment with a extensive examination of your medical history, biochemical parameters, individual lifestyle and eating habits followed by anthropometric measurements which includes weight, height, body composition analysis and body measurements. Both virtual and in-person consultations are available.


The Plan: Your second appointment is a 40 minute consultation 2-7 days after your initial appointment. You will receive your carefully prepared individualised meal plan, appropriate dietary guidelines, recipe pack and meal planner with a shopping list template. Your dietitian will take into account required medical nutritional therapy in order to achieve your health goal upon delivery of your The Plan.


The Check-In: These sessions are designed to build upon your personalised nutrition plan. Because improving your health is nearly impossible to conquer in one 60-minute session, these follow-up sessions are when the biggest impact is made. During these sessions evaluations will take place andyour Dietitian will structure discussions around finding solutions to the roadblocks to your health goals.

DNA Testing

It does not get more personal than this! Genetic testing offers fascinating insight into your physical health, mental wellbeing, athletic performance as well as HOW to reduce your risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and many more.

These tests uses cutting edge technology which involves a small finger prick sample. These tests can provide which style of diet suits you the best in order to lose weight.

All Dietitians at The Nutrition House are DNAlysis accredited  and provide comprehensive feedback on your DNA-tests during a  follow up session for each genetic panel.

By testing your DNA, you can gain valuble information on:

| The best weight loss strategy for you.

| The risk of various chronic diseases and how to reduce it (Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer etc.)

| Your ideal exercise regimen.

| How to optimise your outcome of a healthy pregnancy.

| How to be more productive at work

Corporate Nutrition Programs

The Nutrition House offers corporate companies customised nutritional solutions to improve employee health and wellness. 


Each employee can earn 1000 vitality points in approximately 30 minute consultations.


6-12 Week nutrition intervention program that will primarily assist employees with weight loss to complete "Mission Slimpossible".


Our Dietitians develop scientific evidence-based nutrition presentations, which are both informative and highly interactive based on your company needs.


Anthropometric measurements of each employee to assess their weight, height, bodycomposition analysis and measurements.


Ideal for company wellness days, these express consultations are designed to provide evidence based nutrition support in 20 minute sessions.

Media Consultations

The Nutrition House Dietitian's have contributed to magazine articles, news articles such as News24, radio interviews and have also participated as expert Dietitians for greatly successful reality TV weight loss programs. Our Dietitians are also the official Dietitians of the Lion's Rugby Team.


    "We have successfully reversed by Type 2 Diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease and Lost 19kg!"

    I Struggled for years to loose weight. Every year I would get so depressed because I kept on picking up weight. I started working with Minette in June 2021. I was very unhealthy. I had high Cholestrol, high Insulin, high Triglycerides, diabetes type 2, fatty liver, fatty pancreas and low Vitamin D. I have been working with Minette for the past 10 months and I have reversed my type 2 diabetes. My cholestrol, Triglycerides and insulin is all back in normal ranges. I have reversed my fatty liver and my fatty pancreas and I have lost 19kgs and continue to loose weight. I have learned so much about nutrition and I released that this journey is not a race but rather a lifestyle. I am eternally grateful for Minette. I could not have done this on my own


    I feel great and I am at my lightest I have been in years!"

    We have loved the journey we have been on with Minette, she is really wonderful to work with and the plan is much easier to work with than other eating plans I have been on. There is food freedom and I have learnt to navigate the menu using Minette’s replacement list or swap list as such. I am so glad we found her and she is also so lovely and friendly to work with andoverall such a pleasure!


    "I get to eat A LOT of tasty food, and still have my wine"

    Minette has taught me how to live a healthy life, while still enjoying food. It doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet - especially since I get to eat A LOT of tasty food, and still have my wine. Our sessions have helped me to keep my motivation and focus to reach my end goal. Although I haven’t reached my goal yet, it is great to see how far I’ve already come."


    "Since metting Minette, I have lost 11kg and have managed to heal my relationship with food"

    Since starting my journey with Minette, I have lost 11kg and my mindset towards having a healthy active lifestyle whilst also enjoying yourself has completely changed! I had tried every “diet” under the sun and my gut health was not in a good place, but Minette has taught me how food can fuel your body to get it to its best potential. I am beyond grateful.