Meet Rosey Lombard (RD)


BSc Sport Science (Stellenbosch University)
BSc Sport Science Honours in Kinderkinetics (Stellenbosch University)
BSc (Med) (Sci) Honours in Nutrition & Dietetics (University of Cape Town)

Rosey is a dietitian on a mission to help individuals realise that nutrition really isn’t that complicated. There is a lot of misinformation and confusion out there that causes people a great deal of stress when it comes to food. She is trying to help you understand that “all foods fit” and that there isn’t a need to feel like you are on a diet to be healthy. Her motto is that sustainability is key when it comes to improving all aspects of your life: diet, exercise, stress and sleep.

Her areas of interest: corporate wellness, fixing relationships with food, general fat loss, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and a variety of aspects in sports nutrition (runners, triathletes, cyclists and the official dietitian for the Emirates Lions rugby team in Johannesburg).

Let me help you find a healthy and sustainable way of making all foods fit into your life.



One-on-One Consultations

The Nutrition House offers in person and virtual consultations. By having your individual nutrition consultation you will received personalised medical nutritional therapy based in your medical history, biochemical parameters, stress,sleep, exercise routine, anthropometric measurements, dietary restrictions and preferences to meet YOUR health goals!

What to Expect


Fill out the contact form, call the office (+27 76 859 1001), send the office a WhatsApp message, or send an email to to get started and help you make an appointment.


The Deep Dive: Your first appointment is 60 minutes. It includes a nutrition & dietary assessment with a comprehensive examination of your medical history, biochemical parameters, individual lifestyle and eating habits followed by anthropometric measurements which includes weight, height, body composition analysis and body measurements.


The Package: Your second appointment is a 40 minute consultation 2-4 days after your initial appointment. You will received your carefully prepared individualised meal plan, appropriate diary guidelines, recipe pack and meal planner with a shopping list template. Your dietitian will take into account the required medical nutritional therapy in order to achieve your health goal upon delivery of your collection.


The Check-In: These sessions are designed to build upon your personalised nutrition plan. Because improving your health is nearly impossible to conquer in one 60-minute session, these follow-up sessions are when the biggest impact is made. During these sessions you will be weighted, food records will be evaluated and discussed and new goals will be set. Furthermore, your Dietitianwill structure discussions around finding solutions to the barriers of your health goals. The duration of all follow-up appointments is 20 minutes.

DNA Testing

It does not get more personal than this! Genetic testing offers fascinating insight into your physical health, mental wellbeing, athletic performance as well as HOW to reduce your risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and many more.

These tests uses cutting edge technology which involves a small finger prick sample. These tests can provide which style of diet suits you the best in order to lose weight.

All Dietitians at The Nutrition House are DNAlysis accredited  and provide comprehensive feedback on your DNA-tests during a  follow up session for each genetic panel.

By testing your DNA, you can gain valuble information on:

| The best weight loss strategy for you.

| The risk of various chronic diseases and how to reduce it (Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer etc.)

| Your ideal exercise regimen.

| How to optimise your outcome of a healthy pregnancy.

| How to be more productive at work

Corporate Wellness

The Nutrition House offers companies tailor made nutritional and wellness solutions focussed around improving the dietary and lifestyle habits of their employees. We offer various nutritional solutions which can be tailored to meet your requirements:


Each employee can earn between 5000-7500 vitality points in approximately 30 minute consultations.


8-12 Week nutrition intervention program that will primarily assist employees with weight loss  to complete "Mission Slimpossible".


Our Dietitians develop evidence-based nutrition presentations, which are both informative and highly interactive based on your company needs.


Anthropometric measurements of each employee to assess their weight, height, bodycomposition analysis and measurements


Ideal for company wellness days, these express consultations are designed to provide evidence based nutrition support in 20 minute sessions.

Media Consultations

The Nutrition House Dietitian's have contributed to magazine articles, news articles such as News24, radio interviews and have also participated as expert Dietitians for greatly successful reality TV weight loss programs. Our Dietitians are also the official Dietitians of the Lion's Rugby Team.